AV.Park Mobile App

Easy usage

A very easy and intuitive interface gives access to all the currently allowed and possible functionalities and displays the actual active parking session.

  • Start new Parking session
  • Device Control
  • Automatic Parking
  • Reports
  • Parkingspace map
  • Overview of active parking sessions

Parking - nothing easier than that

Parking was never so easy. There is no difference if you park as parker (employee, guest, ...) or as foreign parker.

  • Parker costs are directly billed by the host
  • Foreign parking costs are charged to your personal account payable by creditcard, Twint or Paypal
  • Parking sessions extension support
  • Multi parking session capability for different cars billed by a single account

Automatic Parking

Parkers can schedule their parking behavior. ​No more missed check-in penalties anymore. Let the system automatically check you in.

  • Unlimited schedules per user
  • Multi schedules per day and week
  • Multi subscription support
  • Multi vehicle support
  • Overlap detection and prevention

Vehicle Management

Multiple vehicles per account and per parker are supported.

  • Unlimited number of vehicles
  • Every vehicle of a parker can have a unlimited number of tags assigned (control plate, UHF tag, QR tag, NFC tag, personal batch id,...)

Device Control

Parker can control their assigned devices like garage-doors, Bollards, Barriers or any other controllable device, dirctly from within the mobile app. Controlling of the devices by the web browser is supported as well.

  • Access controlled device support
  • GPS location support (closest device always on top)
  • Many different devices of different manufacturers are supported, not just AV.Berries.
  • Fully configurable by the site administrator

Auto Zone

The application automatically selects the right zone if the GPS location is enabled on your phone. A manual override of the selected zone is supported as well as the selection by QR code or NFC tag.

  • GPS support
  • QR code or NFC tag support for multiple floors in a parking garage or GPS disabled phones
  • Parking space number support for large parking spaces or garages

Parking Ranger Functionality included

Every mobile application has the full parking ranger functionality included. This allowes a parking ranger to act as well as a normal user without leaving the application.
A parking ranger drives his car to the customer and parks the car in the parking lot as a normal parker (employee) and checks-in his parking session. There he changes the mode of the application and starts his control. After the control, he drives away from the parking lot as a normal parker and drives to the next customer.

Parking Ranger

A parking ranger can work for different customers without leaving the application. The site administrator can manage its allowed parking rangers. The access to the parking ranger functionality is secured by a One-Time-Password (OTP) per device.

  • Unlimited number of parking rangers
  • Per device security per OTP
  • Multi customer capable
  • Parallel usage of the app as normal user/parker and parking ranger
  • Fully secured communication and local storage
  • Data protection of the controlled vehicles garanteed

Simple Usage

All functions are just one click away.

  • Start your parking control tour
  • Get an overview of all the currently in the system known parking offenders
  • Deal with device and environment damages
  • See the status of the different devices


The vehicles are automatically scanned and controlled.

  • QR-Code Tag
  • NFC Tag
  • Near future: Control plate and vehicle recognition
  • Controlled vehicles can be documented by photos and GPS position
  • Control session is live GPS tracked for documentation and safety reasons

Manual control

Vehicle controlling can be done manually, when not automatically recognized.

  • Entering the parker tag
  • Entering vehicle type, country and plate number

Device Damage

Recognized device damages can be entered without leaving control session.

  • Known device list of the current zone
  • Free text
  • Unlimited number of photos can be taken
  • GPS Position and timestamp automatically taken and stored with the damage report
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