AV.Park Mobile App - Parking ranger

Parking ranger functionality included

Every mobile application has the full parking ranger functionality included. This allowes a parking ranger to act as well as a normal user without leaving the application.
A parking ranger drives his car to the customer and parks the car in the parking lot as a normal parker (employee) and checks-in his parking session. There he changes the mode of the application and starts his control. After the control, he drives away from the parking lot as a normal parker and drives to the next customer.

Advantages of the App:



The AV.Park ParkingRanger Mobile-App is directly integrated in the "normal" AV.Park Mobile-App.


The AV.Park ParkingRanger Mobile-App is completely free of charge and stays this way.

Damage report

With AV.Park ParkingRanger any damage to the car park that is discovered can be reported and documented.


Per AV.Park Parking Ranger fines can be issued and documented with photos, which can then be viewed and processed via a web interface.

Proof of work

Insprectors using the AV.Park ParkingRanger app automatically have a work record thanks to the integrated parking sessions and can be located by a dispatcher via the web interface in the event of an emergency.

Om Software

Instead of using the AV.ParkingRanger app, Om PermissionCheck from Om Software can also be used.

Parking Ranger

A parking ranger can work for different customers without leaving the application. The site administrator can manage its allowed parking rangers. The access to the parking ranger functionality is secured by a One-Time-Password (OTP) per device.

  • Unlimited Number of parking rangers
  • Per device security per OTP
  • Multi coustomer capable
  • Parallel usage of the app as normal user/parker and parking ranger
  • Fully secured communication and local storage
  • Data protection of the controlled vehicles garanteed

Simple Usage

All functions are just one click away.

  • Start your parking control tour
  • Get an overview of all the currently in the system known parking offenders
  • Deal with device and environment damages
  • See the status of the different devices


The vehicles are automatically scanned and controlled.

  • QR-Code Tag
  • NFC Tag
  • Near future: Control plate and vehicle recognition
  • Controlled vehicles can be documented by photos and GPS position
  • Control session is live GPS tracked for documentation and safety reasons

Manual control

Vehicle controlling can be done manually, when not automatically recognized.

  • Entering the parker tag
  • Entering vehicle type, country and plate number
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