AV.Park Mobile App - User

Easy usage

A very easy and intuitive interface gives access to all the currently allowed and possible functionalities and displays the actual active parking session.

  • Start new Parking session
  • Device Control
  • Automatic Parking
  • Reports
  • Parkingspace map
  • Overview of active parking sessions

Parking - nothing easier than that

Parking was never so easy. There is no difference if you park as parker (employee, guest, etc) or as foreign parker. The app automatically shows you the best option depending on your status as a parker or foreign parker.

  • Parker costs are directly billed by the host
  • Foreign parking costs are charged to your personal account payable by creditcard, Twint or Paypal
  • Parking sessions extension support, if extension is allowed
  • Multi-Car parking session capability for different cars billed by a single account
  • Multi-Parker compatible, meaning that one single user can be registrated as parker at multiple companies with special conditions. There is no need for several applications.

Automatic Parking

Parkers can schedule their parking behavior. ​No more missed check-in penalties anymore. Let the system automatically check you in.

  • Unlimited schedules per user
  • Multi schedules per day and week
  • Multi subscription support
  • Multi vehicle support
  • Overlap detection and prevention

Vehicle Management

Multiple vehicles per account and per parker are supported.

  • Unlimited number of vehicles
  • Every vehicle of a parker can have a unlimited number of tags assigned (control plate, UHF tag, QR tag, NFC tag, personal batch ID,...)

Device Control

Parker can control their assigned devices like garage-doors, Bollards, Barriers or any other controllable device, dirctly from within the mobile app. Controlling of the devices by the web browser is supported as well.

  • Access controlled device support
  • GPS location support (closest device always on top)
  • Many different devices of different manufacturers are supported, not just AV.Berries.
  • Fully configurable by the site administrator

Auto Zone

The application automatically selects the right zone if the GPS location is enabled on your phone. A manual override of the selected zone is supported as well as the selection by QR code or NFC tag.

  • GPS support
  • QR code or NFC tag support for multiple floors in a parking garage or GPS disabled phones
  • Parking space number support for large parking spaces or garages


The safety of your data​ is of upmost importance to us.

  • There is no tracking at any time
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art encryption and authentication, the system is extremely secure
  • Due to Swiss hosting, the data never leaves Switzerland
  • We operate within Swiss Data protection law
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